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Anistil - Ear Infections, Otitis Media

Written By onci on Saturday, May 27, 2006 | 4:32 PM

Are you Experiencing These Symptoms:

  • Ear Infections

  • Otitis Media

Then Read This:

If you are suffering from an Ear Infection, Anistil may be able to alleviate symptoms while also reducing inflammation.

Ear infections account for 30% of pediatric visits for children. With over 5 billion dollars spent every year, otitis media (ear infections) is the second most common reason for a doctors visit aside from cold/flu symptoms.

The ingredients in Anistil have been proven to reduce inflammation caused by ear infections. This leads to a faster recovery and less money spent on prescription medications.

This is how it works...

Otitis media is most commonly referred to as an ear infection. This illness is most common in children, but does occur in adults as well. Certain factors that can contribute to an ear infection include:

  • Time of year/season
  • Particular malformations
  • Environmental factors
  • Age

As pathogens enter the middle ear, they reproduce causing swelling and inflammation. Fluid is unable to drain which creates pain and irritation. While the most common form of action is to take antibiotics, there are natural alternatives that can help.

Certain nutritional deficiencies have been linked to ear infections and healing times. Anistil has ingredients that have been clinically proven to help reduce inflammation while adding back nutrients that your body needs. Click here to read more about the ingredients in Anistil.

Success Story

Parents want what's best for their child. We have included a success story from a mother with three little boys to show how effective our product can be.

I am writing you to tell you about my young boy who is five years old. He is constantly getting ear infections and always ends up sick as a result. Having three boys is hard enough when they are not sick. After reviewing your product with our doctor, we decided that one capsule per day would be sufficient (half of the recommended dosage).

I gave him your product to help recover from an ear infection. The recovery seemed very quick while he was taking Anistil. I kept him on it for 3 months and he did not experience another infection. Your product really did help. Me and my son want to say Thank You!

-Janet Goff

Our Guarantee
If you do not attain the desired results or you are dissatisfied for any reason, simply return all of your empty and unused bottles of Anistil for a full refund (excluding shipping) within 180 days. After we have received your returned bottle(s), we will immediately evaluate your account and issue a credit- no questions asked.

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