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Information and details about gastric sleeve surgery operation and advantages

Written By onci on Monday, December 5, 2011 | 3:40 AM

Gastric Sleeve Surgery treatment is a type of weight reduction operation which usually reduces the dimensions from the stomach. Gastric sleeve surgical treatment is also recognized as gastric sleeve resection or vertical sleeve gastrectomy (VSG). Initially invented by Dr Johnston of Britain, the treatment has also been additionally created and improved. However gastric sleeve surgery is getting recognition in the United States and regions of The european countries, you will find several gastric sleeve surgeons around the world. Currently, gastric sleeve medical doctors are fewer than twenty.

Gastric sleeve operation entails decreasing the dimensions of the stomach pouch. It is commonly practiced as a laproscopic or key hole surgery. The gastric sleeve procedure involves getting rid of 60-80 percent of the stomach leaving a small tube or the `sleeve`. This type of operation would get rid of the portion of the stomach which usually provides gherlin, a hormone that influences hunger. The sensations of hunger and food wanting are thus reduced, ending in weight loss.

Gastric sleeve surgery varies from gastric bypass or duodenal switch operation. The gastric sleeve procedure is a simpler procedure when compared to other bariatric surgery types. The operated part of the stomach is completely taken away from the body; therefore gastric sleeve surgery is permanent. No foreign tools are placed into the body, as with gastric band surgery. Moreover, digestion proceeds usually, and malabsorption, that could cause nutritional insufficiency, does not happen.

Gastric sleeve losing weight results are motivating for sufferers with low BMIs (Body Mass Index) of 35 to 45. Sufferers have got documented weight losses up to 60 percent during the 1st year. However, any weight loss plan needs constant maintenance. Therefore, it's essential to follow a healthy way of living with proper diet and frequent workouts.
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