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Written By onci on Tuesday, March 21, 2006 | 1:04 PM

Advecia has been formulated to restore the appearance of existing hair, while decreasing the psychosocial impact of hair loss.

Although hair loss is a mainstream condition, most people fail to realize that permanent hair loss is a disease. Hair loss affects nearly 40% of all men and women in their respective lifetimes. The view of hair loss and its social impact varies between the two sexes. Men often view hair loss as a fact of life, while women view it as a cosmetic tragedy. Regardless of individual opinion, it is important to understand why this condition occurs and the treatment options (both medicinal and natural) that currently exist.

Hair loss can range from mild thinning to complete baldness. When the loss of hair is constant, it can negate personal coping strategies for self-acceptance. Despite what many experts say, in our appearance-laden culture, your personal value or self-worth is (sadly) often defined by your outer appearance. In fact, its been reported that:
  • 93% of men and women think about hair loss
  • 88% of these persons feel frustrated and helpless about their condition
However, this does not mean that individuals should let intimidation and helplessness keep them from taking steps to prevent future hair loss. Instead, hair loss sufferers should address the cause through the approaches of modern medicine and nutritional supplementation. Concerning those with hair loss issues: individuals who take the initiative to understand and manage their condition are often the ones that feel best about themselves.

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